How to Repair Tooth Decay Without Seeing a Dentist




Dr. Parvin Carter


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A team of dentists and scientists from Queen Mary, University of London, working to develop a tooth paste that could help repair teeth damaged by decay and also help with sensitive teeth.

This toothpaste contains Tiny glass balls, which are no wider than a human hair, contain calcium and phosphate, crucial components of tooth enamel (the tough, protective outer layer of the tooth). The glass balls may reduce the problem of sensitive teeth – where the tooth enamel is worn down, exposing the dentine, the softer layer underneath.


Once the toothpaste containing them is brushed onto the teeth, the balls fill in areas of weakened or damaged enamel, or areas where the gum has started to come away from the tooth. The balls then start to dissolve in the moisture in the mouth, leaching out calcium and phosphate.

The glass is of a special biodegradable type, known as Bioglass, that has the ability to retain the calcium and phosphate when in a toothpaste, but releases them when in contact with lots of moisture – such as saliva in the mouth.

The technology recently won the team a £25,000 prize from the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers for innovation. The hope is to launch the product in the next two years.

Commenting on the technology, Hugh Devlin, professor of restorative dentistry at the University of Manchester, said: ‘Bioactive glass materials in toothpaste is a “hot” research area.

In dentistry experience and Continuing Education are everything. Dr. Parvin Carter has over 30 years of experience in Practicing General Dentistry and 25 years in Orthodontics. She has thousands of hours of advanced training. In 2000, Academy of General Dentistry awarded Dr. Carter a Certificate of Mastership (MAGD) in General Dentistry. According to the Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, only 1% of US dentists achieve this high level of advancement. Dr. Carter is a Certified and Preferred Provider of Invisalign. She has successfully treated over 320 patients with Invisalign.

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