Woman Receives 3D Printer-Created Transplant Jaw

An 83 year-old Belgian woman has become the first-ever person to receive a transplant jawbone tailor-made for her face using a 3D printer.
The transplant operation, carried out in June in the Netherlands, was necessary after the woman developed a chronic bone infection in her lower jaw, according to a BBC News report. Because of her age, reconstructive surgery would have been a risky undertaking, so doctors instead opted for the new technology.
The titanium implant was built by LayerWise, a 3D printing firm in Leuven, Belgium that specializes in titanium dental and bone implants. A 3D printer heated and fused tiny titanium particles together, layer-by-layer, to re-create the shape of the woman’s jaw. Printing the implant took just a few hours.

3D Transplant Jaw

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