How to Avoid Needles on Dentist’s Chair

Dr. Parvin Carter

University of Buffalo scientists have developed a nasal spray, Kovacaine Mist, to replace Novocaine injections performed with a needle.Painful injections in the dentist’s chair could soon become a thing of the past. Researchers from the University of Buffalo have devised a nasal spray that could replace needles for most procedures.
The active ingredient in Kovacaine Mist is a well-established drug that has been safely used by ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctors for decades to anesthetize patients for procedures inside the nasal cavity.

The needle-free anesthesia was discovered by Dr. Kollar, a dentist.  In 2000 he got hit in the face in a basketball game. “I had my nose sprayed with an anesthetic by an EMT and my teeth got numb,” he said.Intrigued, the dentist went back to his office and did a test. “I put the probe through the nerve bundle through my upper jaw quite a ways and I didn’t feel any pain,” Kollar said.

Several studies are  done by government labs, In clinical tests, the spray, Kovacaine Mist, was found to be as effective as standard anesthetics in four out of five patients. Currently several financing companies are making investments in marketing Kovacaine.e latest tec

As a  dentist I feel I am responsible for keeping up with the latest science and technology in dentistry and will only implement them if proven 100% safe and offer new improvements in current technology.

In dentistry experience and Continuing Education are everything. Dr. Parvin Carter has over 30 years of experience in Practicing General Dentistry and 25 years in Orthodontics. She has thousands of hours of advanced training. In 2000, Academy of General Dentistry awarded Dr. Carter a Certificate of Mastership (MAGD) in General Dentistry. According to the Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, only 1% of US dentists achieve this high level of advancement. Dr. Carter is a Certified and Preferred Provider of Invisalign. She has successfully treated over 320 patients with Invisalign.

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